Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stitching -

I've been getting a lot of stitching projects done in preparation for the craft fair, plus a few projects I want to try. Ainsli decided she wanted to stitch again, so I got her project out . . . I can't believe how good she is at only 5 years old - I love sharing my hobbies with my girls. Tonight Brodyn will probably help me paint - he loves that, too bad he's so messy :)

Aubrei is 11!

Even though she is growing up way too fast, I'm glad we have an 11 year old who is content with staying little and being a sweet, innocent girl. She had a fun birthday and a wild sleepover (I guess I remember being a giggly girl too).
We registered at the Jr. High yesterday and we had a mini-tour. Can I mention that I hate lockers? My hand still hurts from trying to get that stupid locker open :) I was starting to get worried, but Brei was finally able to get it open on her own.
The school is so nice, and taking the tour seemed to help her relax a little.
So now I guess we are ready for the 31st to come.

Ainsli lost her 1st tooth!

She was so excited that she lost her 1st tooth! As you can see, she had been crying (I think the blood freaked her out a little). Ains is so excited for school to start. Yesterday in Walmart we were getting school supplies and she introduced herself to a little girl and found out they were going to be in the same class. Then we had a little scream and dance session in the aisle and Mommy wanted to hide, but had to calm Ains down instead while trying to keep Brodyn from falling out of the cart. Oh, the joys of shopping with your kids. . . .