Sunday, December 12, 2010

Projects galore!

Sorry, no pics today, iPhoto is giving me a headache and not being friendly with Photoshop. We're keeping busy with tons of projects that need to be finished and sent to family. I'm still not done with all my orders from the craft fair, but I'm close. I had a photo shoot yesterday and it went good - the first time I've done pictures in the family's home.
Brodyn is sick, so we had to stay home from church while Ry and the girls went. I've got Wubbzy on so that I can get something done. He's such a sad little guy when he's sick, much different from his "norm". I think I'm going to get some cinnamon rolls made before everybody gets home - to surprise them.
We finally got a few presents wrapped and put under the tree so it doesn't look quite so sad. Aubrei had hair issues today, so we had a little drama, but I was able to salvage it with a BIG bow. I have no idea why teenagers think that more product is going to make bad hair better, UGH! But she has to learn, I guess.
Ainsli has had a ball making presents for Ryan - I love that she's been spending more time thinking about that, instead of adding to her own list. She had her Christmas program at school Friday - she did a good job and it was fun to see her with her classmates.
Well, off to start the dough for cinnamon rolls, then I get to play with some chalks - unless my little buddy needs me - we'll see. Having a good day!!!