Monday, September 24, 2012

Our lives lately

Its been crazy busy around here lately.  I've been pleasantly surprised that we've been doing as well as we have with our schedule since school started.  Early morning seminary, volleyball practices and games, dance and tumbling 4 nights a week, preschool 5 days a week and loads of homework.  I must say that I'm so thankful that I'm healthier than I have been in several years.  I'm pretty sure I couldn't have done all this 4 months ago.  
Can I just say that I love watching Aubrei play volleyball?  She is the setter and team captain and so much improved from last year that its hard to believe.  She has also become more competitive, which I relate to well :)
High School volleyball is a whole different story - much more demanding and for the first time I haven't been able to go to all her games, which was hard for me.  All of the schools we play are just too far away and it isn't possible to travel that much, especially with the farmer's market just finishing last week. 
Ainsli loves school and has been riding her bike to school (even though it is just down the street).  She  still loves creating things whether it is drawing or cutting out and sewing barbie clothes.  She has been doing so well with her chores and homework too - I can't believe she is 9 already.
Brodyn loves preschool.  They didn't have school last Friday because of meetings and he was so upset! He is slightly obsessed with V8 juice boxes lately and can be bribed accordingly . . .
Ryan canned some of his jalepenos tonight.  They were so prolific that even after canning salsa and making jalepeno poppers several times - we have bags left!  (I'll be glad when they are gone, even the smell is too hot for me!)
Things may get crazy once in awhile, but I am so thankful for these guys that keep me hopping and bring so much joy and happiness to my life!!