Friday, October 23, 2009

My kind of wall art!

All it takes is an old barn window, a little elbow grease, paint, hooks, and my latest scrapbook pages to make this lady SO HAPPY!
When we finally got it done and up I couldn't stop looking at it - I smile every time I walk into my craft room, and that is really good for my creativity :)

Sorry Ry, but I couldn't help but share this photo. This is Brodyn's excited attempt at wearing mascara. So cute. But not as cute as the ten minute conversation between Ryan and Brodyn about how "Boys do NOT wear makeup".I couldn't stop laughing when B responded with "Uh Huh!"


Mindy said...

great idea Mandy. I have something similiar in my hallway... just painted black and I have pictures I love in it.. no page protectors. I will have to use your idea with the other frame I have laying around.... and then I need to get scrapping again!! I have been slacking!!

Mandi said...

Well, you are a pretty busy lady :) For me scrapbooking goes in spurts. Right now I'm on a good run, which makes up for my dry spells.