Wednesday, February 3, 2010

my happiness . . .

I love getting scrapbook stuff and pictures in the mail - so when the package is digital scrapbook pages I've had printed plus pictures I'm a happy girl!
Our bathroom is finally finished and I LOVE IT!! The colors and the vanity are my favorites. A definite change from the bathroom that everyone avoided. Ryan is amazing - 3 jobs and he still manages to finish all of this in record time!! Love ya, babe!


Mindy said...

Mandi -- Your pages looke awesome. I need to make more digital pages..... I usually don't get much scrapbooking done when I am making watches and doing pictures. I should make myself do one a week.

My address is 871 E 200 S Declo 83323 if you want that watch + band I still have it. I think I could ship it for about $2.00.

I love that watch. :D

Mindy said...

I especially like the page with the Ali Edwards overlay. What program do you use?