Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Checkin off my list!

I got so many things checked off my list today that I was able to give myself some time to finish some layouts I've been working on. A couple are for challenges and others just for fun. The pictures are recent except for the one of Ains from a couple years ago. She still makes the same look though . . .
Brei is 1/2way through her 1st week of volleyball this season. She is loving it and having fun. She's also been working on a ballet solo for competitions this year and is always prancing around :)
Ains is so excited for her upcoming baptism and is constantly thinking of more things she wants to do while everyone is here. I'm excited too - looking forward to some special photoshoots.
B is my happiness. He is so funny right now and his imagination is my best friend (it keeps him occupied). He is growing a lot lately and the poor guy has leg aches almost every night. So I've been getting even more snuggles than usual!
Ry is crazy busy, but he still makes time to do things for all of us. I'm very thankful for him - not only is he my sweetheart, but he is my hope and my safe place.
I've been very blessed and my goal is to remind myself of all the things that are truly most important - it takes away some of the sting from the stressors in my life.

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