Monday, October 28, 2013

I made it!!

No, I'm not traveling.  I'm just celebrating that I survived the volleyball season!  This year seemed so much more intense - more games, traveling farther away, overnight trips . . . I may not have been the one playing (dangit!), but it was definitely a big commitment for me too.

Aubrei did amazing this season.  She is the hardest working young woman I know.  She doesn't need to come by anything naturally - she is totally willing to fight until she gets there.  I'm so proud of her - she is the ultimate team player and a great example to her competitive momma!

Here are a few pages I did for my volleyball player:

Brodyn played soccer for the first time this year and he absolutely loved it.  All the running around was so worth it every time I saw his victory dance and beaming smile.  He is so awesome!  I'm secretly glad we are done hanging out in the cold though!

He's been sick for a week now and our crazy weather isn't helping.  I'm loving all the stories and cuddle time I'm getting though . . . Did I mention he's awesome?

Ainsli is doing great.  She has an amazing teacher, who she loves; she is doing great with her piano lessons and dance; she is becoming interested in cooking, so I'm getting a little more help from her in the kitchen too!  This layout is of her and her friend Alexis when they were starting preschool.  This year they are finally in the same class again as 4th graders!  (I seriously think I missed a year or two there . . . not sure how)

I also wanted to share some stitchings I made using digital brushes from the designers I work with at Pixels and Company - love how they turned out!

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I'm so glad you document our lives the way you do!