Sunday, May 16, 2010

i love this crazy life!

We made it through recital week, but it will be a while before I post about the recital - I had a photo shoot yesterday and have been working on those (I took 271 photos in 1.5 hours, have to narrow it down a bit :). And tomorrow we have big plans to do our garden and I am definitely ready to plant some flowers!
But I had to share some pics of Ainsli in her jazz costume. I got her to do the "OK" pose, because she was too fast during recital for me to catch it. I love her attitude and the enjoyment she gets out of life. She makes me smile and we all need that.
I think Brei is really ready for summer - homework is becoming almost painful for us all. Having her nights so busy with dance this past week has made it hard to keep up, but she did her best and I am so proud of her. She did so good in the recitals. Her smile lights up the stage and its just fun to watch her. I'm proud of all the work she did this past year.
Brodyn was a trooper, being farmed out all week or stuck in a theatre. I love having a little boy who needs his mom and likes to snuggle. (sorry Ry - he doesn't snore:) I am so very blessed and loving this time in our crazy life!

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