Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Awesome Serves and a Black Eye!!

Aubrei had a great game tonight against the Eagles. She got to start finally and she played two full matches. She has improved so much, that's my girl, working until she gets something down. Tonight her work on her serves paid off. In the 3rd match the Broncs were down 17 to 24 when Brei got up to serve. She got 2 aces and 7 match points, meanwhile the other coach called two timeouts trying to break her serve and it didn't work!!! Unfortunately they ended up losing the match 24 to 26, but I was so excited anyway! Brei had the hugest smile - its awesome seeing your babies working hard, having fun, and seeing some rewards.

She is growing up so fast! Where has the time gone?
At the match tonight I got Brodyn to show off his shiner. Its pretty much faded away, but you can see it was a good-un. He hasn't been spinning on my office chair this week though, so maybe this hurt had a purpose :)

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Mindy said...

Congrats to your daughter on a great game! I sure you are very proud of her!! That's awesome!