Saturday, November 15, 2008

Experiences make us stronger

I had been planning to post some pictures from Grandpa Priest's funeral after I had finished some scrapbook pages, but things have been too crazy gearing up for the craft fair next week. So I thought I share some thoughts and my favorite pictures before the memories fade.

The hardest part of losing Grandpa for me was seeing how it affected Dad and Aubrei. Its tough not knowing how to help someone you love who is hurting. I was so thankful we could be there to try and support him. I really think it helped him having Aubrei there, they have such a special relationship and she is so tender-hearted.

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John and Kassie said...

Hi Mandi, Jami sent me your blog link. I love your pictures from Grandpa Priest's funeral. I am glad Aubrei could be there for your dad -- he has been such a great strength for my mom at this time too. It was so good to see you and your little family, I miss the good old days when we all got together for everything! Hope you guys are doinging well --- take care.